Actor’s Centre

Date: 3 November 2019 10.30-17.30

Price: £40

WHAT IS IT? In this workshop, we will be working with the neutral mask. Developed by Jacques Lecoq and Amleto Sartori, the neutral mask is the key training tool for actors in body awareness.The body holds a myriad of information that influences the roles we are cast as an actor. This approach sheds light on what we communicate though our body and identifies the natural strengths be bring to the stage.

In a dynamic and small group setting, you will get a clear introduction to the neutral mask and experience wearing it and observing its transformation on others. Principles of movement and physical theatre will be layered into the workshop, and we will explore how our breath, centre of gravity and posture influence what we communicate through our silent body language. Using this foundation, we will explore some of the bigger questions that surround the neutral mask: What is neutrality? What are the essentials to neutral mask? When did it evolve and arise in our human evolution? Is it possible to make a neutral mask?

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will the neutral mask & learn tools from the physical theatre approach of Jacques Lecoq, and gain awareness of the unique tools you bring to the stage. This workshop will explore the bigger questions of “what is neutrality?”, its application and further development across the many genres of theatre & study of human movement.

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