Across the Schools

Filmed Movement Research

Across The Schools

Collaborating with 5 Theatre & Movement Schools across the UK, 1-day workshops were carried out across November 2018 – January 2019, exploring the masks with students from a broad range of movement backgrounds.

The aim was to identify if repeating patterns of movement from the masks arose, across completely different groups of people. Was there information held in the mask that repeated across the collective? Is there a commonality of information that arises from a body knowledge in improvisation rather than from projected stereotypes of the animals?

east 15

We collaborated with 5 theatre schools:


Further footage from the R&D across theatre schools will be released in the coming weeks. To hear about it when comes out, join our newsletter.

“Exploring the movement of these ancient creatures was unlike any other experience, seeing them come alive in the studio feels like a uniquely personal and sometimes spiritual happening. Discovering the lateral movement of the earlier creatures and how we can move our own bodies in accordance to this is digging into evolutionary memories that are hundreds of millions of years old.” – Performer, Briony O’Callaghan.