Experiential States of Evolution through Mask

An overview of the species & masks

The Evolution Masks – Findings

Working with the new masks for the first time, a series of six workshops with professional performers and theatre students was carried out and filmed. 

To study the shape of the masks and the movement they created, the white larval masks were explored first, with performers having no prior pre-conception of the species the masks represented. Performers had full creative freedom, to experiment and break out of the ‘mask form’ and test its boundaries. Their responses could be in animal movement, human character forms, or anything.

After exploring the movement from the white larval masks, we worked with the coloured “real” masks.  Performers explored the masks afresh. They experimented in applying earlier larval findings and tested the parameters of the masks. 

Note: Findings for the mask of Proconsul are based on observations from the final 3 workshops, with a later mask completion date.