Neutral Mask

The neutral mask is a phenomenal tool to develop presence in the performer & bring awareness to what we communicate through body posture.


Created by Jacques Lecoq & Amleto Sartori, the neutral masks (one male & one female) are leather masks designed to show all emotions of the human being. The same mask looks different on different performers. When worn, the mask hides the face and instead shows the information we pick up from the body. As performers, by becoming aware of these patterns, we can either use them to form a character or neutralise them.

When played well, the neutral mask brings an incredible quality of silence and presence to the stage. Exploring environments that we may find in nature, it taps into a part of our imagination which is universal. Where in that brief moment in time the performer moves with no extra expression apart from pure existence.

A glimpse into the Workshop of Amleto Sartori, 1955 – making Commedia Del’Arte Masks.