The Evolution Project


The Evolution Of Mask project is a multi-stage project interweaving the arts and sciences to progress new ideas & exploration in the movement patterns that underly evolution.

Using the application of mask, the change in face shape will be studied over the past 385 million years from fish to man. Working with 10 species across this time range, masks will be made of each species, and scaled to fit the human head.

Collaborating with Professor Christine Janis from Bristol University, the masks will be accurate to scientific data.

In the land of mask-making & physical theatre, the shape of a mask holds information, which when we tap into a state of improvisation brings up new information on movement.

Movement Research
From the evolution masks, movement research will be carried out and filmed with a team of professional performers. The movement to arise will be documented. A later series of workshops will run across 5 theatre schools in the UK to explore the repeatability of these movement patterns.


The Study of Face Shape
Alongside a new application of mask (The Larval Mask) will study the change in face shape and shift in dominant senses across the past 385 million years.

Application into Science
The Evolution Masks will tour 15 Secondary Schools across South England and be used as a tool to study the evolutionary changes from fish to man, through the application of movement & physical theatre.Support