Upcoming Workshops

Sweat lodge, Clown & Neutral Mask
12th – 15th October 2017
– Pyrenees, Northern Spain
A 3-day workshop of transformation, community and laughter. We will be interweaving a traditional sweat lodge, with discovering your clown and exploring the patterns our body’s can hold through the powerful tool of the neutral mask. It will be a chance to get away, connect with fellow souls & relax at the heart of nature in the Spanish Pyrenees.
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Red Nose Clown
7-9pm, Monday 30th Oct/6th Nov/13th Nov
– Siobhan Davies Dance Studio, London
Running over 3 evenings, this 6 hour programme allows you to get a taste of red nose clown and its origins. Coming directly from the work of Giovanni Fusetti, we all have a unique clown, and can discover it through play and movement.
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Past Workshops

13th August – Larval Mask Research Workshop
19th & 26th Feb – Making it Real, Actors Centre
3rd Feb – Intro:Neutral Mask, Creation Box
18th Jan – Our Many Masks, Dek Catford
19th Nov – Stepping into Character, Actors Centre, London
6th -18th Sep – Red Nose & Neutral Mask, Spain
25th May – What’s your body saying? The Actors Centre, London
22nd May – Neutral Mask: The body beneath, London
9th Apr – Neutral Mask: Ensemble, London
6th Feb – Introduction to The Neutral Mask, London
25th-31st Oct – Invererne Residency Neutral Mask Workshops
7th Feb – Full Masks & Half Masks: An exploration of form.
30th Nov – Naturalistic Masks – Workshop II
15th Nov – Naturalistic Masks – Workshop I
4th Oct – Research & Development Workshop
5th – 13th Sep – Invererne Residency Mask & Movement Workshops

I have to say that I had never tried masks before as I was always a bit afraid of them, but it felt really nice to explore how you can play different characters only with your body, not using your facial expressions at all. I loved Vicky’s enthusiasm and playfull spirit when she leads workshops. She transfers such a good, humorous, calm and kind energy that makes people want to play and experiment! – Marina Tselepi, Actress

Vicky’s workshops into mask were both playful and educational. Her passion and experience shone throughout the workshop and made her a brilliant facilitator for the world of mask. I would highly recommend her and her workshops to anyone who wishes to discover the beauty and magic of masks.” – Sarah Baxter, Theatre Director

I really loved the workshop. I’ve never worked with masks of real people before. It’s a great tool for character work and it’s great to see them come alive.” – Kari McKenna, Actress & Writer