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Public Workshops

COVID-19 Update (July 2020)

All public workshops are currently on hold, if you would to find out about new workshops when they are announced, please sign up for the newsletter.

During this time, mask-making and research continues to bubble away in the mask-studio, to have a sneaky preview, take a look on the facebook page.

Workshops run by Making Faces Theatre include:

The Evolution of Mask: Fish to Man 

A 2-day workshop exploring the change in face shape across the evolution from fish to man. This workshop covers the layers of movement & the anatomical changes across which occur over time, and how are still present in our human anatomy today.  (See below for more information).

Presence on Stage: The Neutral Mask 

A 1-day workshop using the neutral mask to develop awareness for actors of their posture and presence on stage.

Behind the Mask 

A 1-day exploration into the neutral mask from a mask-making perspective, tracking its origins, the layers of its development by theatre practitioners over and its application in theatre, film & devising today.


From Fish to Man

2-day Workshop interweaving physical theatre with paleontology, & the study of human movement.


The Evolution Project is a new approach bringing arts and sciences together to study human movement & anatomy through mask & physical theatre. In this workshop, we will explore the layers of movement present in our bodies today which have developed from species along our evolutionary pathway over the past 385 million years.


A series of masks, accurately proportioned to fossil data and scaled to fit on a human head, enable us to embody, experience and meet the animals in a new way.

Through the movement research these masks not only open an artistic doorway into our past, but provide an experiential tool in movement analysis enabling participants to really feel and find these subtler layers of movement within us all.

The workshop is open to all, and is a movement-based approach in exploring evolution.

We will:

  • step through the main evolutionary transitions
  • explore shifts in the senses
  • improvise and find new tools for movement analysis
  • discover ways to bring the masks alive

Cost: £180

Past Workshops

“Thank you once again for your valuable, enjoyable, skilful and insightful work with the group last Saturday. I know everyone appreciated both what you opened up for us, and how you did it. I can summarise the unanimous feedback as “ more please”! “- Sharon Usher, Clown Teacher with Nose 2 Nose.

I have to say that I had never tried masks before as I was always a bit afraid of them, but it felt really nice to explore how you can play different characters only with your body, not using your facial expressions at all. I loved Vicky’s enthusiasm and playfull spirit when she leads workshops. She transfers such a good, humorous, calm and kind energy that makes people want to play and experiment! – Marina Tselepi, Actress

Vicky’s workshops into mask are both playful and educational. Her passion and experience shone throughout the workshop and made her a brilliant facilitator for the world of mask. I would highly recommend her and her workshops to anyone who wishes to discover the beauty and magic of masks.” – Sarah Baxter, Theatre Director

I really loved the workshop. I’ve never worked with masks of real people before. It’s a great tool for character work and it’s great to see them come alive.” – Kari McKenna, Actress & Writer

“A fabulous day of play – In our daily lives we forget the importance & enjoyment of play, so today was a great way to remind myself of this!” – Becky Hoyle, Singer & Actress