Upcoming Workshops

Larval Mask Research
2-4pm, 13th August 2017
– Makespace Studios, London
This workshop is researching a new set of larval masks. It will have an informal approach based either in the park or in the studios. Performers are required to wear blacks, and some aspects maybe filmed. It is part of research so there is no fee.

Please note this workshop is restricted for experienced performers only, with a full-time professional training greater than 2 years in physical theatre.
To attend please email

Sweat lodge, Clown & Neutral Mask
12th – 15th October 2017
– Pyrenees, Northern Spain
A 3-day workshop of transformation, community and laughter. We will be interweaving a traditional sweat lodge, with discovering your clown and exploring the patterns our body’s can hold through the powerful tool of the neutral mask. It will be a chance to get away, connect with fellow souls & relax at the heart of nature in the Spanish Pyrenees.
To book, please visit Eventbrite.

Past Workshops

19th & 26th Feb – Making it Real, Actors Centre
3rd Feb – Intro:Neutral Mask, Creation Box
18th Jan – Our Many Masks, Dek Catford
19th Nov – Stepping into Character, Actors Centre, London
6th -18th Sep – Red Nose & Neutral Mask, Spain
25th May – What’s your body saying? The Actors Centre, London
22nd May – Neutral Mask: The body beneath, London
9th Apr – Neutral Mask: Ensemble, London
6th Feb – Introduction to The Neutral Mask, London
25th-31st Oct – Invererne Residency Neutral Mask Workshops
7th Feb – Full Masks & Half Masks: An exploration of form.
30th Nov – Naturalistic Masks – Workshop II
15th Nov – Naturalistic Masks – Workshop I
4th Oct – Research & Development Workshop
5th – 13th Sep – Invererne Residency Mask & Movement Workshops

I have to say that I had never tried masks before as I was always a bit afraid of them, but it felt really nice to explore how you can play different characters only with your body, not using your facial expressions at all. I loved Vicky’s enthusiasm and playfull spirit when she leads workshops. She transfers such a good, humorous, calm and kind energy that makes people want to play and experiment! – Marina Tselepi, Actress

Vicky’s workshops into mask were both playful and educational. Her passion and experience shone throughout the workshop and made her a brilliant facilitator for the world of mask. I would highly recommend her and her workshops to anyone who wishes to discover the beauty and magic of masks.” – Sarah Baxter, Theatre Director

I really loved the workshop. I’ve never worked with masks of real people before. It’s a great tool for character work and it’s great to see them come alive.” – Kari McKenna, Actress & Writer