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The Evolution Project applies the knowledge and practice of mask and mask-making in theatre across into the land of palaeontology and the study of our evolution.

We will be working with scientifically accurate masks of species along the pathway from fish to man. To study the change in facial morphology, two sets of masks are being created.

The first set are life-like masks coloured and textured just as the animal would have been. These are all proportionally scaled to the human head, and designed to be worn in the same relationship to the spine, as in the animal.

The second set apply a practice in mask called “Larval mask”, which is used to study the simple shape underlying the mask. This can be abstract, a simplification, of the general shape that allows us to explore the underlying movement of the animal.


In mask & movement, the first time of using a mask is a huge moment of discovery….


The 2-day research intensive working with the masks for the first time, went ahead on the 6th & 7th November 2018. A team of 6 highly trained performers with expertise in movement, mask, physical theatre, dance, motion capture and animal movement, worked with facilitator Vicky Wright & paleontologist Professor Christine Janis to explore the evolutionary patterns of movement within the masks.

The 2-day research was filmed by Michael Garrett, at Oh Creative Space, The Biscuit Factory in London.


Evolution Motion.jpg

Collaborating with 5 Theatre & Movement Schools in the UK, in November & December we will be working with physical theatre and movement students across 5 schools, documenting the patterns of movement to emerge.