Past Workshops

Here is some of the fun we have got up to in the past…..

12th -15th October – Sweat Lodge, Clown & Neutral Mask, Spain
13th August – Larval Mask Research Workshop

19th & 26th Feb – Making it Real, Actors Centre
3rd Feb – Intro:Neutral Mask, Creation Box
18th Jan – Our Many Masks, Dek Catford

19th Nov – Stepping into Character, Actors Centre, London
6th -18th Sep – Red Nose & Neutral Mask, Spain
25th May – What’s your body saying? The Actors Centre, London
22nd May – Neutral Mask: The body beneath, London
9th Apr – Neutral Mask: Ensemble, London
6th Feb – Introduction to The Neutral Mask, London

25th-31st Oct – Invererne Residency Neutral Mask Workshops
7th Feb – Full Masks & Half Masks: An exploration of form.

30th Nov – Naturalistic Masks – Workshop II
15th Nov – Naturalistic Masks – Workshop I
4th Oct – Research & Development Workshop
5th – 13th Sep – Invererne Residency Mask & Movement Workshops

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