Neutral Mask Workshops – 2016

About the workshops
The neutral mask is a phenomenal tool to develop presence in the performer & bring awareness to what we communicate unconsciously through our body posture.

jacques_lecoqCreated by Jacques Lecoq & Amleto Sartori, the neutral masks (one male & one female) are leather masks designed to show all emotions of the human being. The same mask looks different on different performers. When worn, the mask cuts off any information we normally see from the face and instead shows the information we pick up from the body. As performers, by becoming aware of these patterns, we can either use them to form a character or neutralise them.

When played well, the neutral mask brings an incredible quality of silence and presence to the stage. Exploring environments that we may find in nature, it taps into a part of our imagination which is universal. Where in that brief moment in time the performer moves with no extra expression apart from pure existence.

Workshop 1 – Introduction to The Neutral Mask
Where: Eastbourne House Arts Centre, nr Bethnal Green, London
When: Saturday 6th February, 10-5pm

Workshop 2 – Exploring landscape
Where: Eastbourne House Arts Centre, nr Bethnal Green, London
When: Saturday 9th April, 10-5pm

Workshop 3 – The body beneath
For therapists, bodyworkers or any person interested in exploring the connection between theatre & therapy – the exploration of how the body can hold stories of our past & the journey of discovering these tales. As Carl Jung said “What is not expressed is impressed in the body”. The neutral mask can be an incredible tool for embodiment, presence & self-discovery.
Where: Eastbourne House Arts Centre, nr Bethnal Green, London
When: Sunday 22nd May, 10-5pm

Workshop 4- What’s the body saying?
For Performers, we will be using the neutral mask to unlock physical neutrality. This work will diversify your range of characters and bring a deeper presence on stage.
Where: Actors Centre, London
When: Wednesday 25th May, 10.30-5.30pm

To book please email

The workshops run independent to one another – please choose whichever ones you wish to attend. Maximum class size is 12 people.

The workshops will be led by Vicky Wright. Vicky studied the neutral mask with Giovanni Fusetti & Norman Taylor at Helikos International School of Theatre Creation, Italy in 2011. She was later trained as a mask-maker by Matteo Destro and continues research into new forms of mask & movement exploration. Alongside the 3-year training at Helikos, Vicky brings her skills as a Movement Therapist in Structural Integration and Dancer.