Neutral Mask: Ensemble – 9th April

Saturday 9th April 2016 – London

The Neutral Mask

Created by Jacques Lecoq & Amleto Sartori, the neutral masks (one male & one female) are leather masks designed to show all emotions of the human being. When worn, the mask cuts off any information we normally see from the face and instead shows the information we pick up from the body.

The neutral mask can bring an incredible quality of silence and presence to the stage. Exploring environments that we may find in nature, it taps into a part of our imagination which is universal.

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In this workshop, we explored ensemble movement and the expressions and stories that can emerge through timing, action & re-action & peripheral connections as a group. Moving as one, leadership is seamlessly transferred as what is created on stage is far greater than the individual.

I’d like to say a big thank you to each and everyone of the performers as some incredible work emerged with huge generosity & kindness.

“Neutrality” can be hard to define, it is not a robot state or one of non-expression. Every action is possible, however it is where that action comes from that connects to its neutrality. To move within the moment, brings a tangible quality of presence & simplicity.

Here are some experiences from the day:

What is neutrality? It is a state of stillness, not showing emotions or judgements over a subject but actually just being. ” – Maria

It was fascinating to see others wearing the mask.  There was a distinct and different appearance for each person, even though they wore the same mask.” – Sharon

“What was it like moving as a group?
Comfortable and comforting, it was as if I could simply trust the masks to keep us together, I did not have to look and see what my colleagues were doing, I just knew we were together, everyone seemed to be listening to each other so well even though we were silent.” – Sharon

It’s an experience that makes you feel present. You have to be alert for it to work.” – Maria

“I am at the beginning of my exploration of the neutral mask and I can already see the power it can have to liberate, not just on stage but, by implication, in life.”  – Sharon