Body Structure & Imagination

Structural organisation of the body influences how a person perceives the world. Our physical movement patterns and neurological patterns are directly interlinked.

Body/Mind Connection
I first became aware of the bodymind connection in the early days of being a physical therapist. The work of Ken Dychtwald (BodyMind) is a great introduction to this, with other studies from Mabel Todd (The Thinking Body), Wilhelm Reich (Character Analysis), & Dr. Rolf (Rolfing & Physical Reality).

Body Structure
Looking at the structural blocks of our bodies, there is a variance in structural organisation. Through bodywork or simple movement exercises we can explore and get to know these patterns.


Inspired by the work of Giovanni Fusetti, it is possible to take it one step further and see the vector of movement acting on the body as a whole.

Structural Vectors.png

The space of our imagination
What we paint on a blank canvas, the space of our imagination, directly relates to our structural organisation.

In training performers in physical theatre, Jacques Lecoq developed “The Neutral Mask“. A practice of presence and movement in space without additional character story. Like fish moving in a shoal or murmurations of starlings, there is a bigger movement of the group in space, beyond the individual. There is a listening quality that arrives, an equilibrium with the space, the group (if in ensemble) and the environment.

The journey of the neutral mask is an experience where the performer travels on stage through different natural landscapes. Their imagination creates the space through which they move. For example, the exercise maybe to “wake up in the savannah, travel through a forest and reach the sea”.

Through the work of Giovanni Fusetti, body analysis followed by neutral mask work has shown, that the type of “forest” or “savannah” created directly connects to the vector of movement in the performer’s body.


We will be exploring this area of work in the next 2-day workshop at The Actors Centre on 19th & 26th February 2017. More info…

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