Spain – Oct 2017


A Sweat Lodge & Somatic Theatre Practices

Welcome! This October we will be running a 3-day workshop in the Spanish Pyrenees, using red nose clown and neutral mask to explore and give a greater context into the roles we play in life.

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;”
– William Shakespeare

This workshop interweaves a traditional sweat lodge with exploration of red nose clown & neutral mask. It is a 3-day workshop of transformation, community and laughter, and a chance to get away, connect with fellow souls & relax in the heart of nature.

The Sweat Lodge Experience

The traditional sweating lodge, (originally used by the Lakota people in native America), allows a deefirep process of surrender and renewal, bringing people together. Running over 5 hours in the afternoon & evening, this ritual begins with a fire, preparing the space, setting intentions and heating the basalt rocks. When the fire has burnt out, the heated rocks are brought into the sweating lodge in 4 stages, with the heat soaking in to the core of your body.

Merce & Albert hold regular sweating lodges, typically around the full moon.

The Workshop

Red nose clown is a powerful and poetic discovery of self. It is a process that taps into what makes you uniquely funny & brilliant, & the process of discovering your own clown. Whether you feel like a natural born comedian or are shy of the stage, we are all funny in our own way. More info…

The Neutral Mask is a phenomenal tool for uncovering the stories that our bodies hold, and a gentle process in unraveling new potentials of movement and awareness. These disciplines originating from theatre and the work of Jacques Lecoq and Giovanni Fusetti, incorporate aspects of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, Ida Rolf & Carl Jung, and are deeply complementary somatic practices. More info…

The Group

We are holding a workshop for a small group of 12 people who are familiar with circles of communication, recognise the importance and growth from inner development, and who are open-minded to shamanism and the importance of co-existence with the natural world. We would like to share and explore in this weekend together.



Cost: €410 (Early Bird before May 31st – €360). The price includes the workshop, the sweat lodge and full board and lodgings from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. To book…

Accommodation: Sleeping arrangements are in the farmhouse, tipi and tent, with comfortable bedding and mattresses provided. It is a simple & comfortable set-up, with a certain magic about the place. For more information on staying here at other times of the year – see Airbnb.

Food: The meals are an outstanding and wholesome experience of organic Catalunian cooking, prepared by Merce and an assistant.

Workshop: The workshop will start at 5pm Thursday 12th October, and people are welcome to arrive from 2pm onwards. The workshop will run from approximately 10 am – 5pm each day, and will be taught in English with translation to Catalan & Spanish.

Meet The Team:



Albert is a musician, playing guitar for live concerts and recordings in N. Spain. He runs workshops and learning groups in:
– Craftsmanship & forestry
– Katsugen
– Chi Gung




Merce is a pottery and ceramic artist, and an incredibly talented chef. She brings her knowledge in healing, shamanism and the energetic qualities of food.






Vicky teaches physical theatre and mask in London, alongside her work in health and wellbeing as a postural and craniosacral therapist. She is fascinated in the human body, non-verbal communication and our evolution.

The Forest Retreat

Located halfway up the hillside, accessible only via footpath or 4×4 dirt track, this remote and beautiful farmhouse is nestled in tranquility. On the hillsides of the Spanish Pyrenees, it is surrounded by virgin woodland. Originally built as a Roman hermitage in the 10th Century, it has an adjoining small chapel, and lies on an ancient walking route up the hillside. In 2009 Albert & Merce lovingly restored the farmhouse and have a large allotment alongside where they grow organic vegetables. Their house is an open space where many workshops and therapeutic groups take place.


How to get there:

By car: Drive to Sant Pau de Seguries. From there it is a 20 minute drive east. There is a parking along the road that winds through the valley. The house is a 30minute walk up the hill (or a 10 minute lift in the Jeep). Exact directions will be sent upon booking.

By public transport: From Barcelona, you can take a bus to Sant Pau de Seguries (2 hrs) or take the train to Ripoli (90mins), and shorter bus ride from there to Sant Pau de Seguries (30mins). There will be a pick up at 3pm on Thursday 12th October from Sant Pau de Seguries to The Forest Retreat. If you would like to lift, please register on booking.

If you have any queries, please email Vicky at

To book, please visit Eventbrite.

We look forward to sharing this event.