Making Faces – 4th October


This is the study of FACES!!

In the process of mask-making last year in Italy, we made casts of our faces (in order to make half masks specially adapted to our face measurements). Inspired by this, I went on to make a paper mache mask of this cast, which turned out to be like a DEATH MASK.

Of course, when casting a completely relaxed face, without expression this is the result. It led me to the question: is it possible to make a cast of a face in expression that could work theatrically on stage as a character mask?

A number of people, such as the likes of Darwin and Messerschmidt, have explored the human face in extreme expression, but is it possible to cast a face with a subtler level of movement, that it can be character mask?

In this workshop, we took casts of relaxed faces, and then some expressive faces…