Mask-making: Coming into form…

Into Form

The masks are beginning to emerge!

From the workshop on the 4th, we took a number of casts of our faces. The first set of these were with a completely relaxed face and the second (and slightly harder task) was to make a speedy cast whilst the performer held an expression.

My work now is to create the masks of these and here is the first beginning to emerge.

I couldn’t get over it, when sanding down a female mask this evening the distinct planes of the forhead, as detailed in the feminine neutral mask emerged from the cast of a real female face.


It leads me to wonder if this movement is in fact a commonality within all female faces, this natural movement dynamic ever present and whether there might be cultural variation within this?

Could the movement of the face be a counter-point to the feminine/masculine energetics. The linear verticality and uplift in the female mask a counterpoint to the supposedly circular nature of feminine?