Masks, Masks & Festive Cheer!

Mask Workshop – 30th November 

This workshop was filled with a great mix of things from exploring the Naturalistic Masks, playing with a new half-mask character and in general providing an introduction to masks.


One of the most unusual introductions was had by a 2 year old, who on first seeing someone wearing a mask initially screamed and cried, and clearly didn’t like it. Over the course of 40 minutes his understanding, rapidly shifted, with a beautiful moment of him slowly reaching out an inquisitive hand to touch the hand of his father whilst wearing a mask of a very different guise. He was no longer afraid of the masks.


We also met a new half mask and found a range of ways to play her from a supermodel to the Swedish wife of a politician.

The Naturalistic Masks on a Neutral journey…

Working with the ‘unexpressive’ natural masks, we explored the possibility of creating a chorus.. and the types of journeys this chorus might go on and what works with these masks. They can almost sustain as a neutral, and yet character traits flash through at times of stillness.

This is something I look to further explore…

And on a festive note… Mindy & Margaret send their Christmas greetings!