Release the Larvals!

Larval Masks – August 2017

Larval masks originate from a festival in Basel, Switzerland where white masks are worn to create different characters. These masks are plain white and so the character that comes across arrives purely from the shape of the mask (with no influence from decorative painting, make-up or stylised illusions from colour).

The volume of the mask creates the character. This approach and work with white masks was picked up by Jacques Lecoq in the 1960’s, and used to train performers and their physicality.

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In terms of mask-making, a complex mask can hold a number of movements, twists and turns, which can create multiple emotions and character traits within one mask. The larval masks are there to explore emotions and dynamics of movement in their simplicity.

This new set of white larval masks made by Vicky Wright explore new characters and dynamics of movement.


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