Beyond the individual

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

Synchronising groups through breath, rhythm & vocal resonance.

Here is the study of our physiology and its effect on connection and movement in life and on stage.

Looking back to the evolution of voluntary breath, it differentiates the ability to be in sync as a group and fall out of sync, and the importance of syncrony to survive. If you had an army back a thousand years ago, the army that could breathe together, which could move as one, would be more successful. In current times, the effects are still the same, when we can fall in sync with others, there is a greater movement.

On stage, this is the land of ensemble movement. The ability for a performer to step into a state of listening and trust with others – creates a magic far beyond the self. For the performer themselves, in that moment, the deep listening shifts the experience of time, to simple alertness and presence.

Related info:

Workshop – Neutral Mask & Ensemble, 28th April 2018.



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